Twelve Basic Cancer Factoids

Twelve Basic Cancer Factoids


This series of articles is designed to provide information, insights, and common sense suggestions.

  • #1 Cancer: a dis-ease (dis meaning against - ease) caused by abnormal cell growth
  • #2 Suspected causes: carcinogens, viruses, bacteria, fungus, human factors, etc.
  • #3 Abnormal: reproducing rapidly, uncontrolled, undifferentiated, and primordial. (glitch at/during end of cell division where it goes on and on, resulting in too many new (neoplasm) cells = cancer
  • #4 neoplasm: the primary growth and metastasizes are secondary
  • #5 metastasize: (meta = many) fragments that spread easily via the blood and lymph
  • #6 myth: cancer is (usually) localized in one area
  • #7 truth: blood and lymph circulate throughout the whole body - the metastases can therefore travel easily and generally undetected anywhere
  • #8 metastases equals cancer: whether or not they have some kind of switch to if/when turn on, other things have also occur before they become cancer
  • #9 pain: sensory (pain, pressure, heat and cold) nerves/receptors are everywhere in the body - a tumor\'s weight (among other things) can create elevated sensations to touch, clothing, bedding, temperature changes, etc.
  • #10 death: tumor weight can crush an organ or cause asphyxiation (death by lack of air); however most deaths are caused by organ failure because they can\'t compete for nutrients or space
  • #11 good news: early detection and education. Ask lots of questions, get solid answers, and common sense goes a long ways.
  • #12 cancer can be eliminated: to help with this, future articles titles will cover:
    • Myths & Truth About Healing Cancer
    • Carcinogens
    • Candida
    • Fungus
    • Human Factors (Mental, Emotional, Etc)
    • Complementary Treatments
    • In Your Cupboard/Good For You
    • and more...

Author Pam Taylor has over 23 yrs experience in the holistic field as a therapist, instructor (including medical massage and terminology), consultant, and author.


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