Genetics and Cancer

Genetics and Cancer


So how does it happen that anyone can inherit a tendency to have cancer, considering we get an equal number of genes from both our mother and father? Or that certain families/members do and others don\'t?

Basically, some stressor produced a mutation in the DNA, or particular gene, and it was passed on. While there is debate as to how many generations it takes for a mutation to become stronger, weaker or eliminated, there are things we do know.

Some of these things are: environment (quality of community, home, food, water, etc) can affect the health of both the father and mother before conception, and the mother during pregnancy. Toxins, stress and other factors can also produce changes in the DNA, chromosomes and genes. And humans are changing and evolving, just like everything else in our universe and on our planet, which equals interesting changes in DNA. Any of the above can, and do, have a direct bearing on inherited tendencies, including everything from deformities to cancer. However, the new and exciting aspect is those who practice complementary healing are questioning the so called strong/weak aspects of genes and chromosomes.

Rather than looking at what drug, or gene manipulation can control or eliminate a mutated information, they are looking at natural substance(s) which can neutralize the mutation and/or strengthen other genes to increase immunity; without producing other undesirable side effects or mutations.

While research results are a ways off, this is not to imply these holistic views or research will provide a cure-all. However, it may offer a possible and/or positive alternative, especially to those who don\'t want or don\'t qualify for certain medical treatments or gene therapy.

Author Pam Taylor has over 23 yrs experience in the holistic field as a therapist, instructor (including medical massage and terminology), consultant, and author.


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