Viruses Relationship to Cancer

Viruses Relationship to Cancer


Viruses have a long and well-documented history for causing cancer. These super bugs also show as warts, herpes (including cold sores), shingles, colds and flu’s, chicken pox, HIV, and a number of other imbalances and diseases. They are also one of the suspected factors in MS and other brain, nerve, and connective tissue disorders.

The four main reasons viruses are so smart and tough are: ability to use anything and everything as a host; extreme temperatures, light/lack of light or oxygen doesn\'t always affect them; easily and quickly mutate; and most of all, they\'re stealthy. (Viruses can hide in the host for long time periods, producing little or no symptoms, or mimicking other symptoms until it is too late.)

Like bacteria and fungi, frequent viral infections don’t always mean that it will mutate into cancer. However, they can make the body more susceptible, due to chronic low grade, or ongoing, stress to the immune system and other glands and organs. And, unfortunately, because of the above reasons, it is very difficult to treat viral related cancers.

Besides all of the public announcements and vaccines, and attempts to design better smart pills*, it is still extremely important to use universal precautions when dealing with a virus. Treatment and recovery times may vary, and it seems a combination of medical** and complementary treatments are producing the best results.

*smart pills/drugs are those designed to recognize a dis-ease, etc. (like a heat seeking missile), and destroy it without damaging healthy cells or tissue
**doctors may prescribe an antibiotic as part of the treatment, even these they are for bacteria, and not viruses. The reason is to prevent secondary diseases like pneumonia and so on. This is also why it is suggested to take a pro-biotic (acidophilus) afterward.

Author Pam Taylor has over 23 yrs experience in the holistic field as a therapist, instructor (including medical massage and terminology), consultant, and author.


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