Myths and Truths about Healing Cancer

Myths and Truths About Healing Cancer


Myths and Truths About Healing Cancer

Myth - cancer is unhealthy
Truth- what cancer does to/in the body is unhealthy, and potentially lethal. Cancer by itself can be considered quite healthy because of it\'s ability to use everything (blood, nutrients, even toxins) to make very strong, immune resistant identical duplicates of itself.

Myth - cancer cures work, don\'t work
Truth - a cure, originally defined to be the complete elimination of symptoms and the dis-ease itself (forever with no return or variations, etc). No one specific person or substance has effectively cured cancer yet simply because of how diverse and unique each person\'s individual body works. (This does not mean that a person can\'t live the rest of their life cancer symptom free though, because many do.) However, a combination of standard medical and complimentary treatments seem to being producing better results, especially as the medical community continues to verify the benefit of natural treatments.

Myth - treatments worse than the dis-ease
Truth - many prescription medicines, surgeries, radiation and chemo have very real and nasty side effects; however so do some natural treatments. This is why more doctors and therapists are recommending and using energy type of treatments so as not to cause complications with any medical treatment. (ie: massage is not recommended for some one with active cancer because it spreads it through the body; however something like Reiki or Therapeutic Touch doesn\'t.)

Myth - cancer costs too much money to treat, treatments take too long, etc
Truth - treatments, both medical and complementary can be very costly, for a variety of reasons (most of it is regulated, related to pharmaceutical companies, doctors and so on). Again, since each case in unique and individual, plus other factors such as the type of cancer, location or size of tumors and metastases, other health imbalances or challenges, treatment times vary.

Myth - cancer is a punishment, karma, past life issue, or death sentence
Truth - whether or not there is any truth in any of these beliefs, it does not help to assign (or take on) blame, shame or guilt. To paraphrase Gandhi, it serves no purpose to tell starving people it\'s their karma to starve, rather you feed them/teach them to feed themselves and then explain about karma. (karma being defined as the belief in past actions define the present)

Truth - There are many other myths and truths about cancer, however one final truth is that while we may not always know what to say or do, people with cancer always can use cash donations or volunteered time to help out, not only at the beginning, but throughout their process.

The rest of this truth, and maybe more profound, is that many people who have healed from a cancer experience said, equally, and just as important was the book on fly fishing, art supplies, pet food, flowers, or a prayer. So whether in person, or anonymously, it could be anything, great or small, that sparks that positive turning point in their healing process. And that\'s what (both the great and small) some say is the truth to healing cancer or anything else.

Author Pam Taylor has over 23 yrs experience in the holistic field as a therapist, instructor (including medical massage and terminology), consultant, and author.


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