Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

This article will address colon cancer alternative treatment, and basically any cancer or disease by discussing the root causes.


But before discussing treatment, consider what contributes to or even causes cancer.

Although a nod is often given to lifestyle choices, the general thinking is to blame a person\'s genes or DNA. If this is the case, there isn\'t much room for prevention.

It seems easier to leave it at that rather than consider that lifestyle factors are what\'s causing the cancer.

Everyone will agree these days that smoking causes cancer. But there was a time when that was very controversial.

Today, to suggest that what you eat causes cancer is not generally accepted. This in spite of the the incredible studies done by Dr. Campbell and clearly demonstrated in his book, The China Study.

At this point, you may be thinking you wanted to discover a colon cancer alternative treatment, not read about what caused it.

Well, here\'s why the talk on causes:

When we take responsibility and realize that our choices are creating the results in our lives, we can make new choices that may be the cure we seek.

Do you believe that your incredible body is designed to be self-healing? What if you helped out by giving it more of what it fundamentally needs? Perhaps you could heal from years of not so good choices.

These ideas are not new or original to me. For 50 years people have been going to the Hippocrates Institute in Florida and healing themselves of cancer and many other conditions.

For me, these are more than \"miracle stories\" that happened somewhere else. I personally know many individuals with stage 4 cancer who are in remission and living happy, healthy lives.

The fundamental 4 steps are these:

1 -- You have to eliminate from your diet the culprits: all meat and dairy and foods that come in a box - in other words, processed. Even in a health-food store, this represents 99%.

2 -- Give the body what it really needs to rebuild the cells. It needs vitamins and minerals which are found in growing sprouts. More importantly, these contain a high electromagnetic field.

It\'s the very life force, the electrical current; which is very high in only a few foods. The other ones are kelp and dulse and blue green algae.

3 -- There can be no healing without the mind and spirit actively engaged. You need to radically and permanently change your consciousness. When you determine that nothing will stop you from healing, you will get there.

4 -- The body is designed to move. In all these areas you have to start where you are and take steps forward. The body needs both some form of aerobic exercise and resistance training. Not overdoing it, walking is great.

These are just the tools, but your body already knows what to do to rebuild, repair and completely cleanse.

Discover more about the unique healing program at Hippocrates Institute Cindy Soto is the author and shares her experience of healing in Hippocrates Health Institute


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