Author: Gairy Juan

Worldwide there are several medical problems that are peculiar to women and peculiar to women. If your considering cancer let\'s say, then for women it is breast cancer. However, although it is rare, men can also contract breast cancer.

Looking cancer in men it invariably brings up prostrate cancer. Today\'s man at a party is more likely to discuss this topic that that of his recently purchased sports car.

If we are honest, it\'s the cure we are interested in and preferably how to prevent it but this requires a good deal of research.

Most men I know fear cancer and don\'t mind admitting it. The possibility, although present, does not dominate my thoughts though. It only seems to bother me when I read something about the condition or hear another statistic about it. The television is the biggest reminder as the number of advertisements about breast and prostrate cancer is increasing. Both will require far more investigation and examination before a cure can be found.

We want an end to cancer because it is still one of the worst conditions known to man. The fact that you cannot inoculate against it or avoid it completely makes it an awful adversary.

Although there are many conditions humans have to suffer this is one of them that cannot currently be completely prevented. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and the like are supposed to help but none of these things are a guarantee against it.

Most other illnesses can be prevented and I am always annoyed when people bring up HIV. Don\'t get me wrong, I wouldn\'t want HIV but at least I know exactly how to avoid contracting it.

It\'s interesting to read current articles concerning cancer and other health afflictions. What other way is there to keep up to date on possible treatments for prostrate and breast cancer?

I\'m sure all this prostrate cancer research will finally find a cure and will all have been worth it.

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