Stress, The Death Hormone and Cancer

Stress, a small word with huge ramifications. It can be both healthy and unhealthy. Healthy stress is small to moderate amounts that can, and does, produce: positive solutions to problems, better communication, and increased health benefits.


Unhealthy stress is on going continuous (chronic) or frequent high bursts (acute) that causes: elevated blood pressure, heart attacks, panic/anxiety attacks, lowered immunity, increased acidity, and changes in cell structure and function.

So does stress cause cancer? Because of the growing list of negative aspects, many researchers say yes. However, just as many say no, due to the fact that many people with high stress don\'t have cancer, so it remains to be seen which view is correct.

Cortisol, the death hormone, also known as DECO (decreasing consumption of oxygen), is a deviant hormone produced by stress. At this time it remains to be seen whether or not it causes/produces cancer. Cortisol does increase dehydration, interfere with human growth hormones, cause premature/rapid aging, and inhibit a cell\'s ability to function properly. Again, while many of these things are some of the hallmarks of the increased likelihood of manifesting cancer, no one will say for sure yet.

Stress reduction is one of the best preventatives, whether you want to prevent something, or already have it. Simple, inexpensive things such as laughing, walking, listening to music*, dancing, gardening, or hobbies are also some of the best ways.

*most music balances both hemispheres of brain, releases endorphins, and increases immunity. Research has documented heavy metal and hard rap to have the opposite effects.


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